Cindy Hsu

Life Coach, Certified Executive Coach

Hello! I’m Cindy Hsu.

Welcome to my website. At this moment, you have an interest in visiting my website, and it means something to me. There are times when we get stuck somewhere, or encounter difficulties in our life. You might not see your potential for how great you can be. Sometimes, we need guidance and support from other people who will listen to us and believe in us. That is the reason why I personally have my own coach, too. No matter where you are now and what  you want to be, I want you to know that you can make a wise choice – by not being alone. Let me work with you. Let me help you.

I help individuals or teams deal with a wide variety of issues on behalf of maximizing their personal or professional potential. Normally we work together for three to six months or less. My coaching practice will be done by ICF’s (International Coaching Federation) standards, Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy.

To summarize my methods, I use evidence-based Positive Psychology approaches to make clients explore themselves, discover choices, set goals, and ultimately achieve their goals. I also introduce some powerful instruments to assist clients and assess the results during coaching processes. Also, I adopt neuroscience to integrate sensation coming from the mind and body in order to enrich my clients’ coaching experience. In addition to live coaching sessions with my clients, they have continuing access to me through e-mails and phone calls. I check in on my clients’ progress and continue to provide support and accountability to make sure they are staying on track.